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General Hospital Icons

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This community was created for all those GH fans who were searching for a place to share icons. Whether you like to make icons, want to request a specific icon, or you are just like to look what other people create, this is the place to be.


1. If you are going to post more than 3-4 icons, place them behind a LJ-cut so as not to clutter up anyone's friends page.

If you unsure about how to use an LJ-cut, go HERE.

2. If someone asks you to credit them for their work, please do. No one likes to see someone else taking credit for what they've created. It will keep everyone happy! :)

3. Please keep your posts graphics oriented (posting icons, posting links to cap sites, etc). As much as we all enjoy talking, complaining, and debating about General Hospital, this is an icon community. Try generalhospital to discuss GH. Posts that are not related to graphics in some way will be deleted.

4. Feel free to advertise new or already existing communities related to General Hospital here. If you do so, you may use a small adverstisment banner (no larger than 400px by 200px) outside of a cut. Anything more, please put behind a cut tag.

5. If any other issues should arise, please email the maintainer at bethyss18@livejournal.com.

Other than that, I hope everyone enjoys the community. :)


If you use any of the caps from these sites, please credit them. Also, if you have any great cap/resource sites for GH, please let me know via email.

General Hospital Happenings (Eps from 12/04-11/05)
http://nopeekiepeekie.fotki.com/general_hospital/ (Eps from 2004-present)
http://public.fotki.com/southernscribe/southernscribes-gh-caps/ (Eps from 4/07-present)